Frequently asked questions

How to sign up?

1. Download Golden Time Application on the App Store
2. Open Golden Time Application
3. On the Sign up page, enter the parent's email address and create a password with minimum 6 characters
4. Check your mailbox to activate your account
5. Open the email from Golden Time and click on the signup link to confirm your signup

Please note the first emails from Golden Time might appear in your Spam box, please click as non-spam to receive emails normally in your mailbox.

How to log in?

1. Open Golden Time Application
2. On the Login page, enter the parent's email address and the password you have created
3. Click on "Forgot password" if you forgot your password

If you can't login, try first to log out to refresh the app, then log in again. (To log out, click on "Log out" in Settings on the app)

If you still can't login, it might be one of these reasons:
- the typing of the email address or password is not correct
- there is no internet connection
- the application is temporary under maintenance because we are currently improving the beta-test version

How to log out?

To log out, go to Settings on Golden Time Application and click on "Log out"

TIP: If you click on "Switch User" instead, you are redirected to the page "Select Profile" and you won't need to type again the email address and password to log in.

Forgot password?

- To log in, click on the "Forgot password" link to retrieve your password by email

- To access a profile with a PIN, click on the "Forgot PIN" link to retrieve the PIN by email

- To modify the email notifications, type the same password you use to log in. If you forgot the password, go to the Login page and click on the "Forgot password" link to retrieve your password by email


1. Click on "Add User"
2. Create a pseudo
3. Not mandatory: create a PIN number with 4 figures

The PIN number is not necessary at all, but your child might want to add a password for more privacy to avoid siblings accessing to the profile.
When the PIN is created, you will not be able to remove the PIN.
You can retrieve the PIN by email if you click on "Forgot PIN".

Can I create several users under my account?

Under your account, you can create several profiles. For example, you can create one profile for each of your children, for yourself and the grand-parents who wish to stay in touch with your children.

Then, you can monitor each profile's activities. Check how in FAQ / Settings.

What is "Switch User"?

If you have created several users under your account, you can change anytime the User by clicking on "Switch User".
For example: After your elder son finish playing on Golden Time, he can click on "Switch User" and then pass to his sister who can select her User.


At that moment, you can choose one of these 2 languages: english and french.
Hopefully, other languages will be soon coming up!


The Push Notifications are a safety tool allowing the parent to monitor child's activities.

There are 2 types of Push Notifications that you can receive on the device you have downloaded the app:

- Golden Time's News: If you activate this Push Notification, you will be informed on the device all the news from Golden Time such as having new features or having gifts for you!

- Friends' New Messages: If you activate this Push Notification, you will be informed on the device when your child has received new messages from friends.

TIP: If you like to receive Push Notifications, remember to activate "Allow Notifications" in the device's Settings.


The Email Notifications are a safety tool allowing the parent to monitor child's activities.

There are 3 types of Email Notifications that you, Parent, can receive by email:

- "When my child receives photos or videos": You will receive an email when your child receives photos or videos sent by friends. You can choose being notified instantly, daily or once a week.

- "When my child sends photos or videos": You will receive an email when your child sends photos or videos to friends. You can choose being notified instantly, daily or once a week.

- "My child must have parent's approval before sending photos or videos": If you activate this Email Notification, you will receive an email to approve your child's message before sending to a friend.

Why do I receive so many emails?

Golden Time is primarily a communication tool between children, so notifications to parents are an important part of the app to insure online safety for children.

Parents can also control which types of messages received by editing the notifications Settings in the Golden Time app.

Golden Time puts your kids' safety first.

Overview of features

Your child is informed of friends' activities such as friend's new favorite song or movie, friend's birthday, updated profile and so on.

Your child can receive and send private messages to friends.

Your child can edit and modify avatar photo, pseudo, birthday date and so on.

Your child can view all contacts of family and friends and can invite new friends.

Your child can search and add new favorites in music, sport, games, places, books or movies sections. Your child can view friends' favorites.

Your child can view and use stars to unlock stickers, avatars accessories.
Your child can buy or win stars:
-when inviting new friends to join Golden Time
-when liking Golden Time on Facebook (only once)
-when rating Golden Time (only once)
-when watching a sponsored advertisement

How to receive and send messages to friends?


The messages from friends appear in the Messages section. The new messages are highlighted in white. Click on "View" to open the message.


1-click on "Send Message", 2-select one friend, 3-select the type of message.

There are 6 types of message that your child can choose from:

-Send a photo: select one photo, then click "Send"
-Send a video: search and select a video, then click "Send"
-Share a favorite: select one favorite, then click "Send"
-Send an animated sticker: type a word, click "Submit", select a sticker and click "Send"
-Wish a happy birthday: type a message (optional), click "Send"
-Offer stars: type the number of stars to offer, click "Send"

How to invite and add a friend?

If the friend has already a Golden Time account:
1-Type the friend's pseudo
2-Click on "Add friend"
3-Both parents will receive an approval request by email to accept and add the new friend on the child's contact list. Parents must check that the parent's email related to the new friend is correct.

If the friend has not a Golden Time account yet:
1-Type the friend's name and the email of the friend's parent
2-Click on "Send invitation"
3-The friend's parent will receive an invitation to sign up
4-After signing up, the child can type the friend's pseudo and click on "Add friend"

TIP: If your child sends an invitation to a new friend who signs up, your child will receive 10 stars!

How to add favorites?

Your child's favorites and the friends' favorites are listed in each category.
Your child can add a friend's favorite or can search and add a new favorite as explained below:

1-Select one category: Music, Sport, Games, Places, Books or Movies
2-Type the name of the favorite and click on "Submit"
3-To add as favorite, click on the Heart and "Add as favorite"

TIP for Sport category: If one sport is missing in the list, type a sport name and click on "Submit". Golden Time team will add it shortly.

How to win and use stars?

How to win stars?

-Each time your child invites one friend who signs up for a new Golden Time account
-When Parent likes Golden Time's Facebook Page (only 1 like per Parent account)
-When watching a sponsored ad

Can't wait to win stars? Parent can buy stars (in-app purchase).
Please note that after purchase confirmation, the purchase is non-refundable.

How to use stars?

-Unlock a sticker and use it to reply to friend's messages
-Unlock an avatar accessory to customize the avatar
-Offer stars to friends


After signing up with the Parent's email address, the child's activities can be notified and sent to the Parent's email address.
The Parent can approve photos and videos before they are sent to friends.
Please go to the FAQ / Settings to know more about Email Notifications.

When your child receives a friend request, an approval request is sent by email to the Parent's email address. Before approval, Parent must check if the parent's email address sent by the friend is correct. In that way, Parent can control all contacts.

If your child wants to buy stars (In-app purchase), your child must ask the Parent to sign in with Parent's Apple ID.


Go to Messages, click on "View" next to the message.
If the message content is inappropriate, please click on "Report if inappropriate".
The Moderator will receive a notification and will remove the message shortly.


Your child's contacts appear on My Family & Friends.

Your child's contacts can be
-listed by alphabetical order, by city/country or by date
-viewed on a world map

When clicking on a friend's contact, your child can
-view the friend's profile
-send a message to the friend
-delete the friend's contact (it will be permanently deleted)


If your child wants to buy stars, your child must ask Parent's permission. In-app purchase requires Sign-in, so your child must ask Parent to sign in with Apple ID.

Please note that the purchase fee may vary according to the actual currency registered with the Parent's Apple ID.

Please note after purchase confirmation, the purchase is non-refundable.

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